09 June 2007

Today's X-Files Quote

SCULLY: Right, but what am I looking for?

MULDER: Anything strange, unexplainable, unlikely... boyfriend?

08 June 2007


What is remarkable (to me) about Hitler's bunker was just how tiny it was. Clearly it wasn't designed as a long-time living area. See for yourself here.

Bonus link on the Nazi Party Rally Grounds.

07 June 2007

Political Theology

"All significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts." - Carl Schmitt, Political Theology (trans. George Schwab), p. 36

The essential argument here is that - for example - equality before the law is based on a secularized religious notion of Christian equality. I think there is something to do be said for this idea but it is a bit reductionist for my taste. More specifically it doesn't fully illustrate the radical difference between the modern and the ancient polity.

Hello Kitty!

TOKYO - Japan’s cutest cat in glittering crystal decorates NEC Corp.’s new pink laptop in the Japanese electronics maker’s latest effort to woo working women.

Wouldn't a lot of working women be turned off by this thing?

Ducks Win

ANAHEIM, Calif. - The Anaheim Ducks were born on the silver screen and came of age by capturing the shiniest of silver cups.

This must drive many Canadians crazy.

04 June 2007

Yet More...

Nessie footage? I post, you decide.

The Return Of...

Gary Brolsma!


Oh, and just for comparison sake here is the original.

03 June 2007


Amazing new Loch Ness monster footage!


I saw a short portion of the movie Troy today. If I recall correctly one of the scenes which was missing from the movie (but is in the Iliad) is Hector's concern over Andromache losing her freedom. Interesting that the notion of freedom is found so early.

Of course the movie differs from Homer's epic in a number of ways. That is not say that it was a bad movie. I thought that it was pretty good in comparison to a lot of what Hollywood has created out of classical texts.

Japanese Holdouts

So, I wonder what it is like to spend nearly many years* in the jungle waiting for your comrades to return?

*Close to thirty for a few.