06 October 2007

KAL 007 Shootdown

Although I was quite young, I remember the moral outrage associated with this incident. Here is Ronald Reagan's response to the shoot down. While I am not agreement with everything that Reagan did during his presidency, his eloquence and presence as a speaker makes one wish someone like him were in office.

Addendum: The video contains more than Reagan's response. It also includes a press conference by George Schultz (then Sec. of State) and some news coverage.

05 October 2007

Should The Non-Propertied Have The Vote?

As I was re-reading a portion of the Putney Debates recently I began to think of the way the issue of the nature of the electoral franchise is debate amongst libertarians. Namely that some libertarians argue that only those with a certain level of property should have the vote. I'm in favor of a very broad franchise which does not take wealth into consideration.

Anyway, the debates touch on this matter in much the same way that the modern debate on this issue does and that makes them well worth reading IMHO.

01 October 2007

What Am I Reading?

Søren Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling.

30 September 2007

Leaving Iraq?

My prediction is that we will likely not be out of Iraq prior to 2020. Thirteen more years of a major U.S. presence in Iraq in other words.