04 August 2007

The Surge

So how effective has the surge been? Well here are some figures from the BBC to help answer that query.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Just saw it...

I enjoyed Bourne's rescue Stiles' character. There was real tension there.

I thought that Bourne stealing the files, etc. was a bit too much. So were many of the crash scenes.

I also found that this movie discussed more plainly some of the concerns we have with our intelligence services post-9/11.

Perhaps I shall write more on these matters tomorrow.

03 August 2007

Five Points

This is a link to a nice collection of material on the archaeological happenings at the former "Five Points" in Manhatten. Five Points was a notorious slum in 19th century New York prior to the creation of the unified boroughs in the 1890s.


Religious Views

I have seen elsewhere claims that Newton delighted in the written accounts of the torture and burning Catholic nuns.