09 May 2008


I didn't know that Treblinka closed basically as a result of a prisoner revolt. Unfortunately apparently none of the prisoners survived the incident. Still, their courage should be celebrated.

Messerschmitt Me 264

What a fascinating plane. I've thought for some time that it (along with a lot of other evidenced) demonstrated the Nazi regime's desire to have it out with the U.S. and that this desire preceded the outbreak of WWII. Which is not to say that war was inevitable, but it is to say that the Nazi regime presented a threat to the U.S. from the former's inception.

07 May 2008


Throughout the primaries this year various persons have talked about this or that state being a "firewall," and in most (all?) instances that turned out not the be the case. I don't know if anyone claimed that North Carolina would be a "firewall," but that is what it turned out to be.


Happy B-Day Israel!

While (and not only in hindsight) it may not have been the best idea for Israel to have be refounded in the Levant, it was I think important for a Jewish state to be formed following WWII. Whatever the wisdom regarding the former decision, I hope that both Israelis and Palestinians can find a way forward which is both prosperous and peaceful.

05 May 2008

Twenty Pounds

I had my check-up today. I've lost twenty pounds since last year about this time.


To my loyal readers (yeah, all three of you):

In the coming months I hope to be a more active blogger. I've been busy and that has kept me away from my blog, however, I'll try to allocate more time to this blog as it is generally a pretty good outlet for the detritus and random matrial flouting around in my mind.

That is all.