10 February 2007

Frank A.

Frank A. ,

If you are reading my blog I thought you would be interested in this review of Johnson's The Intellectuals.


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Frank_A said...

Hey Herac/Grotius,

Nice little article.
I agree that the originality and the truth of the intellectuals' theses cannot be minimized. And yes, Johnson does get bogged down in details that are not pretinent to how the various philosophy's were shaped. Plus, Johnson is no pillar of conservative values since he too has cheated on his wife.

However, this article misses a lot of what Johnson does focus on:
-Marx manipulation of Blue Book info to show how the conditions of the working class were worsening, destroying any sort of "science" he wants to accredit his system
-Rousseau's Confession is nothing but a sham of truth that conceals more than it reveals of Rousseau...some "Confession"
-Jean Paul Sartre as a philanderer who abused the love of Simone de Beauvoir, which is amazing that both believed so heavily in equality but...you get the picture...

Namely, that these people made a mockery of the very values they supposedly upheld while at the same time attacking the "hypocrisy" of whatever institutions.
Since these values were propagated in order to change the human experience for the betterment of all human kind, Johnson's effort, however brutal, is relevant to evaluate how applicable these systems were...