02 February 2007

Richard Dawkins Q&A

This is approximately an hour long Q&A session (which follows a reading of Dawkin's new book The God Delusion) that takes place at Randolph-Macon Women's College. A number of the questions which are put to Dawkins come from faculty or students who attend Liberty University.

Though I love Dawkins' wit, one does feel bad for those interlocutors who get skewered by him.


IMK said...

when I first saw this, I thought he was at Liberty college which confused me a bit.

Randolph-Macon women's college is hardly PCU, but it makes much more sense to me that Dawkins would be a speaker there than at Liberty.

Grotius said...

Well, the video says that he's in Lynchburg, but the talk was sponsored by RMWC, which as far as I can tell isn't in Lynchburg. So maybe they are at some independent site which was rented by RMCW?