01 March 2007

Injured Toe

I was working on the bathroom wallpaper (ripping off that mess in other words) when I lost my footing and hurt my toe. It is black and blue. I don't plan on seeing a doctor about it though; I've had broken toes before and all they did was put a simple splint on it. Which is all I am going to do.

Anyway, the improvements on the townhouse proceed apace. My office is finished (except for the crown molding and a few odds and ends). We now have a new washer and dryer in the laundry room and I'm obviously working on remodeling the bathroom. I hope to have the tile down by Sunday.


Sara said...


i need your help
please send me an email asapppp

Sara said...



Panda said...

I don't think you are going to feel like tiling with that toe, Grotius.