16 March 2007

Tutu On Zimbabwe

Harare/Johannesburg - South African Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu on Friday said Africans 'should hang their heads in shame' over developments in Zimbabwe where people were 'being treated like rubbish.'


We Africans should hang our heads in shame,' he said. 'Do we really care about human rights, do we care that people of flesh and blood, fellow Africans are being treated like rubbish, almost worse than they were ever treated by rabid racists?'

For more on the truly awful plight of Zimbabwe see here, here and here.

In Zimbabwe it really is a situation of things going from bad a few years ago to worse and now to even worse still. What is especially disheartening is that at a time when we are seeing some genuine political and economic improvements in much of the continent Zimbabwe is stuck not simply in neutral but in reverse.

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