02 May 2007

Leo Strauss

What the heck is the deal with trying to jam Leo Strauss into some neo-conservative framework? To me that is a very problematic association at best (at least as I understand neo-conservatism). Needless to say it bugs the heck out of me.


Anonymous said...

Anne Norton's Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire is an interesting look at how so many people have come to conflate Strauss, Straussians, and neoconservatives (though the book is more of a gossipy polemical than academic study).

Grotius said...

I'd say at the very least that Strauss would have been quite skeptical of many of the claims made by "neo-conservatives," and he would have likely found the notion of "nation-building" to be the sort of hubristic notion that gets people into trouble.