30 May 2007

Public Understanding Of Science

So, what does the public know about science? Well, if this poll (taken in 2001) is any indicator, both the European (or rather, E.U.) and American publics still have a lot to learn. Also note that at least with regard to the thirteen questions asked in the survey those answering for the E.U. performed more poorly on most of the questions than did the American respondents. For me the question that disturbs me the most is that concerning the nature of our planetary system - that is whether it is heliocentric or not. That the survey produced such large numbers of Americans and Europeans answering that the Sun revolves around the Earth (over 20% and 30% respectively) scares me somewhat.


VikingMoose said...

"both the European (or rather, E.U.)"

thank you for the distinction! Watching the referenda back in 1994 the "vote to join 'Europe'" drove me crazy!

Grotius said...


Given how many folks who have died over definitions of who is and who isn't European I thought it was the least I could do.