25 May 2007

Riis Took EPO

1996 Tour de France winner Bjarne Riis, who is now the owner and manager of Team CSC, admitted doping in a Friday press conference at CSC headquarters in Lyngby, just outside Copenhagen. The Dane, who was then riding for Team Telekom, said he took EPO in 1996, the year that he ended Miguel Indurain's five-year Tour de France winning streak.

At this point folks (if they haven't done so already) may start to wonder about anyone who does well at Le Tour.

I realize that some libertarians question the ban on performance enhancing drugs in sports, but I don't. Though I would not advocate the government enforcement of such bans.


VikingMoose said...

Schadenfreude. I've got Schadenfreude!

This is a shout out to all the Danes (you know who you are) who sanctimoniously accused Lance Armstrong of being doped, and holding up Bjarne as an example of someone who could win "purely".

(FWIW - have no idea if Lance was doped or not, nor do I really care. It's just fun when Danes get tagged in their holier-than-thou traps!)

thanks for posting this!

Grotius said...


I guess at this point it doesn't matter whether Lance doped or not or how much effort Lance puts into denying allegations made against him.* Which sucks for Lance of course. The whole sport has become suspect.

*Do note that I am not suggesting that Lance doped - innocent until proven guilty should be the way of thinking. I am suggesting that the actions of certain individuals probably makes people question the entire sport.