23 April 2007

Semi-Official Results

So it appears that Sarkozy may have gotten around 32% of the vote while his chief rival (Royal) got approximately 26% of the vote.* Personally I'm sort of shocked by the depth of support for Sarkozy. To an American audience 32% may not seem like a lot but by recent French election standards (at least in the first round) that is a significant total. The truly 'official' results will be published I think the 25th.

*That may be the highest total ever for a socialist candidate in the first round.

Edit: Some interesting news - apparently Sarkozy won or almost won Saint-Denis - one of the primary areas of rioting in 2005.


highnumber said...

I apologize if I missed it, but may I ask whom you would have supported?

Grotius said...

If I were French I'd have voted for Sarkozy.